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Core Values

Our employees from around the world, in every department and at every level, came together to define CQ Medical's core values as a team. These values are fundamental to the way we view our work, our role in society, and our behavioral expectations of one another. We strive to be consistent and focused on our values so we can achieve our company mission.


We Value Our...

Improving patient care and outcomes across the globe with innovative, high-quality, patient-centric solutions.


People are the reason we exist. We serve patients and others around the world and build an organization for all to succeed and grow. We treat each other with respect and compassion. 


Our providers rely on us to provide safe, innovative, high-quality, patient-centric solutions they use to serve their patients.

Suppliers, distributors, OEMs, and other strategic partners are essential to the sucess of our business.

What we do every minute of the day matters to People around the world.

We behave ethically at all times. We will always do the right thing rather than the easy thing.


By consistently living our Values, we ensure strong performance for our People and for our company. When each employee offers their best performance, our company performance is enhanced, enabling us to provide better products and services to our Providers  and their patients.