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The Thorawedge is a unique positioning device allowing the patient to incline at multiple fixed angles. The system consists of two wedges (5 and 10˚) and a comfortable arm holder.

The Thorawedge was co-developed with the Department of Radiotherapy of the University Medical Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

  • Wedges can be used separately or combined to reach a 15˚ angle.
  • Additional 5˚ wedges can be added to form 20 and 25˚ angles.
  • Headrest and lumbar support can be indexed, assuring a reproducible patient position throughout the course of treatment.
  • Large side cut-outs allow for a full range of treatment angles.
  • Optional Locator device allows for an easy and efficient way to index and reproduce the position of the Thorawedge. 
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Product Number Description Box Quantity
301080 Thorawedge. Inclination wedge system for supporting and positioning of the upper thorax region. 1
TWI100 Thorawedge Locator 1
Item Title
Thorawedge Setup Sheet Thorawedge Setup Sheet
Thorawedge Locator Technical Data Sheet Thorawedge Locator Technical Data Sheet

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