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We Are Now CQ Medical

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Care Quotient Philosophy

Learn how we combine intelligence and empathy in creating positioning innovations that advance human care.


We Care Smarter

Care Smarter is our ethos. It's what we stand for. It's how we think and operate.



CQ Medical Innovations Guide

View CQ Medical Innovations Guide

Now together as one company, CQ Medical is the global leader in patient radiotherapy positioning and healthcare innovations that advance human care.













CQ Medical Innovations Guide

Request a Live Demo Today! 

Our global CQ Medical Education Centers are designed to simulate a clinical environment and facilitate virtual demonstrations. The centers allow us to provide uninterrupted support to our clinical partners and distributors worldwide. 












TotalRT All in One Solution

TotalRT™ All in One Solution

The TotalRT All in One Platform is designed to quickly adapt
many positioning and immobilization solutions to your
clinical setup and treatment needs. 












Solstice SRS Immobilization System

Submillimeter Accuracy
& Precise Treatment

The Solstice™ SRS Immobilization System's variable pitch capability provides increased setup options in CT simulation, MR imaging and corrective positioning flexibility during treatment setup.












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