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Solstice™ Immobilization System

Corrective pitch capability and positioning flexibility for non-invasive head and neck treatments.

Solstat™ Immobilization System

Increased patient comfort and rigidity for head and neck treatments.

Adaptiiv 3D Printed Bolus

Adaptiiv's advanced software solution enables the creation of customized 3D personal medical devices, effectively improving treatment outcomes and patient experience.

TOTIM® Patient Cushions

TOTIM is a polyurethane foam cushion for patient positioning and immobilization during simulation, planning and radiation treatment.



StrataXRT is an innovative film-forming wound dressing for the management of radiation dermatitis.

Chabner XRT® Radiation Bra

The Chabner XRT Radiation Bra provides optimal breast support, patient comfort and dignity, and reproducibility during simulation, planning and radiation treatment.


New and Improved Vac-Lok™

Improved Vac-Lok Cushions are more rigid than previous generation (cream colored) bags and guarantee reproducibility of the patient's position for up to six weeks.


GrayDuck Stents™

GrayDuck oral positioning stents are currently the only custom-fitted bite block system that can position the tongue in one of several positions; laterally (left or right), depressing (downward) or a combination thereof.

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