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Improving the Patient Journey

CIVCO RT is committed to providing high quality, innovative, patient-centric radiotherapy solutions that support clinicians and improve patient outcomes throughout the entire radiotherapy journey, from planning to post-treatment.




Universal Couchtop™ MR Overlay

The Universal Couchtop Overlay and Adjustable Coil Holders are designed to enable precise and reproducible patient positioning.


AccuForm™ Shim

The AccuForm Shim is a flexible, thin foam piece that provides a small height offset above the customized patient AccuFrom.


M.C.Inspire Baseplate

The M.C.Inspire Baseplate uniquely integrates and aligns ViewRay® MRIdian® head and neck coils with the high precision positioning provided by CIVCO Radiotherapy's Solstat™ and Solstice™ SRS Immobilization Systems.



Comfort Marker 2.0 Patient Marking System

Improve your patient's radiotherapy journey and gain clinical efficiencies with the Comfort Marker 2.0, developed by Medical Precision b.v.


Solstice™ MR SRS Immobilization System

Corrective pitch capability and positioning flexibility for non-invasive head and neck treatments.


Shoulder Thermoplastic

Shoulder thermoplastic may be used with Solstice SRS and Solstat systems, and other Type-S and Posifix head-only thermoplastics to immobilize and reposition shoulders.


Universal Couchtop™ for MEVION

The Universal Couchtop™ is a modern and comprehensive solution for enabling advanced treatments in your clinic.


Monarch™ Vac-Lok™ Options

Vac-Lok™ Cushions create a rigid and secure support around the patient when a vacuum is drawn through a self-sealing quick-release valve. 


Elekta Unity MR-Linac Lok-Bar™

Three-Pin Lok-Bars allow you to index MRI compatible devices to your MRI couchtop. 




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