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Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics Overview

We at CIVCO Radiotherapy are dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling only solutions and products that are safe and of high quality. We strive to conduct our operations worldwide in accordance with exemplary standards of business integrity.

To achieve this, all CIVCO Radiotherapy Employees are expected to conduct CIVCO Radiotherapy’s business in accordance with high standards of honesty and integrity. So what does this mean for you?

  • Read this Code fully
  • Provide full and honest disclosure in any reports you prepare or file
  • Follow the spirit and letter of the law in all aspects of our business
  • Promptly report any violations of this Code
  • Cooperate fully during all internal and external investigations

This Code will act as a guide intended to assist all of our Employees in acting  and making decisions on behalf of CIVCO Radiotherapy consistent with these standards. Of course, no guidelines can be all-inclusive and responsibility for compliant and appropriate conduct rests with you.

View the complete CIVCO Radiotherapy Business Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct