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Vac-Lok™ Cushions, Urethane

Vac-Lok™ Cushions, Urethane
Vac-Lok Cushion, Extremity, 25x50cm, 2.25L Fill, Urethane

Vac-Lok™ Cushions create a rigid and secure support around the patient when a vacuum is drawn through a self-sealing quick-release valve. The cushion retains its shape and guarantees stability and reproducibility of the patient’s position for up to six weeks once the air is vacuumed out.

  • More rigid than previous generation (cream) bags
  • Protective material coating provides greater cleanability than previous generation bags
  • Attached indexing battens (on specific sizes) provide an easy method of repositioning 
  • Available for a span of clinical setups including head & neck, breast, pelvic & hip, and full body
  • Treatment area is artifact-free with minimal beam attenuation
  • Reusable for ultimate cost-effectiveness
  • Cleared for use in proton therapy

Some Vac-Lok Cushions required longer lead times. Please ask your sales representative for lead times.

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
VLE225 Vac-Lok Cushion, Rectangle, 25 x 50 cm, 2.25 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLF15 Vac-Lok Cushion, Rectangle, 50 x 70 cm, 15 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLJ20 Vac-Lok Cushion, Square, 70 x 70 cm, 20 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLG35 Vac-Lok Cushion, Rectangle, 70 x 100 cm, 35 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLG40 Vac-Lok Cushion, Rectangle, 70 x 100 cm, 40 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLPLV01 Vac-Lok Cushion, Rectangle, 75 x 100 cm, 28 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLPLV02 Vac-Lok Cushion, Rectangle, 75 x 120 cm, 34 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLFBB01 Vac-Lok Cushion, Rectangle Full Body, 75 x 150 cm, 50 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLB40 Vac-Lok Cushion, Square, 100 x 100 cm, 40 L Fill, Urethane 1
VL37 Vac-Lok Cushion, T Series Head and Shoulders, 50 x 70 cm, 6 L Fill, Urethane 1
VLARM01 Vac-Lok Cushion, Arms Up, 75x75cm, 20L Fill, Urethane 1
VLWGB03 Vac-Lok Cushion, Wing Board, 88 x 55 cm, 15 L Fill, Urethane 1
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