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Vacuum Compressors

Vacuum Compressors
Dual Function Vac-Lok Pump

The Dual Function Vacuum Compressor, available in a 115V and 230V version, provides both a vacuum and inflate cycle with a convenient hand control or foot control. It provides an audible alarm when your optimum vacuum level is reached. 

The Single Function Vacuum Compressor is a lower cost alternative.  It provides a vacuum cycle only. To re-inflate a Vac-Lok cushion, simply detach the compressor and depress the end of the cushion valve. With the MTVL1BEX the hoses can be switched to provide an inflate cycle. 

This product has not been CE marked. 

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
MTVP1 Vac-Lok Compressor, Dual Function, 115V 1
MTVPEXA Vac-Lok Compressor, Dual Function, 230V, Europe 1
MTVPEXC Vac-Lok Compressor, Dual Function, 230V, Australia 1
MTVPEXD Vac-Lok Compressor, Dual Function, 230V, United Kingdom 1
MTVPEXG Vac-Lok Compressor, Dual Function, 230V, India 1
MTVPEXH Vac-Lok Compressor, Dual Function, 230V, Israel 1
MTVL1A Vacuum Compressor, Single Function, 110V 1
MTVL1BEX Vacuum Compressor, Single Function, 230V 1
MTVPFT Vacuum Compressor, Dual Function, Foot Control 1
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