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Posifix® Supine Headrests

Posifix® Supine Headrests
Posifix Supine Headrests

Posifix headrests are made of low density polyethylene foam.

(left to right)

Cushion 1 : Natural position with shift in superior direction (301201)

Cushion 2 : Natural position (301202)

Cushion 3 : Slightly hyperextended (301203)

Cushion 4 : Hyperextended (301204)

Cushion 5 : Chin down toward chest (301205)

They are compatible with all Posifix® and Posirest™ Baseplates, C-Qual™ M and C-Qual Breastboards, Monarch™ Overhead Arm Positioner and Posifix Variable Axis Baseplate. They are compatible with other products via an adapter. See CIVCO Radiotherapy's Solutions Guide for additional information. 


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Product Number Description Box Quantity
301201 Posifix Supine Headrest, natural position with shift in superior direction 1
301202 Posifix Supine Headrest, natural position 1
301203 Posifix Supine Headrest, slightly hyperextended 1
301204 Posifix Supine Headrest, hyperextended 1
301205 Posifix Supine Headrest, chin down toward chest 1
305001 Posifix Supine Headrest, set of five 5
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