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Comfort Marker 2.0

Comfort Marker 2.0
Comfort Marker 2.0 System

This product information is intended for the U.S. market.

Improve your patient’s radiotherapy journey and gain clinical efficiencies with the Comfort Marker 2.0, developed by Medical Precision b.v. This revolutionary reference point device brings a new level of comfort to the start of the patient’s radiotherapy treatment.

The easy-to-use system is designed specifically for use in radiotherapy using technology popular within the permanent make-up industry. The device is carefully engineered to apply reference marks with gentle and controlled depth placement, resulting in less painful tattooing to help keep the patient relaxed and cooperative cooperative throughout the process.

Patient Benefits

  • Less painful tattooing keeps the patient relaxed and more cooperative throughout the process
  • Shallow and depth-controlled pigment placement compared to handheld lancets
  • Result in cosmetically more pleasing tattoos that keep a round, uniform shape with well-defined edges

Clinician Benefits

  • Sterile, easy to attach, and disposable safety needle module minimizes risks of needle stick accidents
  • Simple depth setting selection with haptic and color feedback
  • Rechargeable battery powered device allows freedom of motion within CT room for medical professionals

Device Benefits

  • Patients marked with Comfort Marker 2.0 reported less procedural pain than patients marked with lancets
  • Physicians and radiation therapist doing photographic assessment of cosmesis rated Comfort Marker 2.0 better than lancets*
  • Radiation therapists rated placing tattoos with Comfort Marker 2.0 easier compared to the use of lancets

*Limitation/additional information: study performed in Europe where majority of the population is Caucasian race, specific to Portugal where the study was performed the majority is from a Mediterranean ethnicity.

FDA De Novo and 510(k) Cleared

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
MPCM2010 Medical Precision Comfort Marker 2.0 System 1
MPCM4022 Medical Precision Patient Marking Set. Includes: Safety Needle (Qty 50), Ink Cup (Qty 50), Black Pigment (Qty 50) 1
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Comfort Marker 2.0 Brochure Comfort Marker 2.0 Brochure
Comfort Marker 2.0 Technical Data Sheet Comfort Marker 2.0 Technical Data Sheet
Comfort Marker 2.0 Overview
Comfort Marker 2.0 Instructional Video

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