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Combifix™ 3

Combifix™ 3
Combifix 3 with Patient

The Combifix is a baseplate system providing enhanced positioning for the pelvic region and other lower extremities. The system combines the Kneefix™ 3 and Feetfix™ 3 cushions with optional Elevation Blocks into a fixed and indexable position. 

  • Kneefix 3 height is adjustable in 5 cm increments with the use of Elevation Blocks
  • Feetfix 3 is adjustable longitudinally in 8 indexable positions and 4 indexable angles
  • Three-Pin Lok-Bar™ indexable for MR compatibility
  • Feetfix Couch Support can be purchased separately
  • Optional Shoulder Retractor can be attached in 5 positions to Feetfix Couch Support

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
151004MR Combifix3, includes Baseplate, Kneefix3 Cushion, Elevation Blocks (x2), Feetfix3 Cushion and Feetfix3 Couch Support 1
151005MR Combifix3 Low, includes Baseplate, Low Kneefix2 Cushion, Elevation Blocks (x2), Feetfix3 Cushion and Feetfix 3 Couch Support 1
Item Title
Hip & Pelvic Sales Slick Hip & Pelvic Sales Slick
Combifix Setup Sheet Combifix Setup Sheet
Solutions Guide Solutions Guide
Hip and Pelvic Positioning

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