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Two-Pin Standard Lok-Bars™

Two-Pin Standard Lok-Bars™
Prodigy 2 Lok-Bar

Prodigy 2 - used with all CIVCO Universal Couchtops

Prodigy - used with Prodigy style indexed couchtops (Slim Prodigy features smaller side profiles)

Interloc® - used with Interloc style indexed couchtops

Exact® - used with Exact or Interloc style indexed couchtops

Slide Guide - slides longitudinally along the couchtop, preventing lateral movement and is useful for longer devices such as bellyboards, breastboards and Vac-Lok Cushions, which contract during forming.



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Product Number Description Box Quantity
MTIL6050 Prodigy2 Lok-Bar, Standard, 53 cm, for use with Universal Couchtop. 1
MTIL3650 Prodigy Lok-Bar, 53 cm 1
MTIL3651 Prodigy Lok-Bar, 50 cm 1
MTIL3653 Prodigy Lok-Bar, Slim Low Profile Clasp, 53 cm 1
MTIL3350 Interloc Lok-Bar, 48 cm 1
MTIL3051 Interloc Lok-Bar, 49.5 cm 1
MTIL3850 Interloc Lok-Bar, 50 cm 1
MTIL3151 Interloc Lok-Bar, 53 cm 1
20VARSUB10 Exact Lok-Bar, for use with Exact or Interloc style indexed couchtops, 53 cm 1
MTVL00853 Slide Guide Lok-Bar, Standard, 40 – 53 cm 1
Item Title
Solutions Guide Solutions Guide
Lok-Bars and Indexing Types

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