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TOTIM® Patient Cushions

CE Marked, FDA 510(k) Cleared

TOTIM is a polyurethane foam cushion for patient positioning and immobilization during simulation, planning and radiation treatment. Available in different sizes for all body parts, the cushion forms to the patient and enables reproducibility of position during treatment.

TOTIM is a fully sealed cushion covered with microfiber polyester. The cushion shapes and molds around the patient after activation of the internal components. It maintains its formed shape during all sessions of radiotherapy treatment.

  • Sealed and ready for use
  • Conforms to shape easily during stiffening phase
  • Limits movement and enables reproducibility of the patient position
  • Can be formed and indexed to positioning devices and other rigid supports
  • Disposable, easy to sanitize markable and radiotransparent
  • Pediatric options available

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
TTM3001L TOTIM Cushion, Body, Large, 70 x 110 cm 5
TTM3001XL TOTIM Cushion, Body, X-Large, 90 x 100 cm 5
TTM3001P TOTIM Cushion, Body, Pediatric, 60 x 100 cm 5
TTM3002 TOTIM Cushion, Jolly, 70 x 70 cm 5
TTM3002P TOTIM Cushion, Jolly, Pediatric, 60 x 50 cm 5
TTM3006 TOTIM Cushion, Limb, 70 x 30 cm 10
TTM3006P TOTIM Cushion, Limb, Pediatric, 60 x 30 cm 10
TTM3004 TOTIM Cushion, Leg, 70 x 130 cm 5
TTM3003 TOTIM Cushion, Arm, 70 x 90 cm 5
TTM3005S TOTIM Cushion, Cervical, Small, 70 x 45 cm 10
TTM3005M TOTIM Cushion, Cervical, Medium, 70 x 50 cm 10
TTM3015P TOTIM Cushion, Cervical, Pediatric, 40 x 60 cm 10
TTM3010XS TOTIM Cushion, Neck, X-Small, 20 x 25 cm 10
TTM3011 TOTIM Cushion, Neck, CV X-Small, Long, 20 x 35 cm 10
TTM3010S TOTIM Cushion, Neck, Small, 25 x 35 cm 10
TTM3010M TOTIM Cushion, Neck, Medium, 30 x 35 cm 10
TTM3010XSP TOTIM Cushion, Neck, Pediatric, 20 x 25 cm 10
TTM3010MP TOTIM Cushion, Neck, Pediatric, 30 x 35 cm 10
TTM3008 TOTIM Cushion, Spinal/Skull Axis, 70 x 150 cm 5
TTM3007P TOTIM Cushion, Spinal/Skull Axis, Pediatric, 60 x 140 cm 5
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TOTIM Sales Slick TOTIM Sales Slick
TOTIM Technical Data Sheet TOTIM Technical Data Sheet
TOTIM® Patient Cushions

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