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ZENTEC™ Masks, Uni-frame®

ZENTEC™  Masks, Uni-frame®
ZENTEC, Uni-frame Head Only Mask, Style 18

ZENTEC Thermoplastics require less heating time than IMRT Reinforced Thermoplastics™ and have an established reputation of being highly conforming masks. In the 2.4 mm thickness, these masks provide a lighter feeling, which offers a more pleasant experience for anxious patients. In the 3.2 mm thickness, this material offers a similarly conforming mask with the added benefit of being CIVCO Radiotherapy's most rigid continuous frame mask.

They are available in IMRT Reinforced Style 18 which features a combination of perforated and solid thermoplastic in the same mask to provide rigidity and secure immobilization.

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
MTAPUI1824VT ZENTEC, Uni-frame, Disposable, Head Only, 2.4 mm, IMRT Style 18 5
MTAPUIW1824VT ZENTEC, Uni-frame, Disposable Wide Frame, Head Only, 2.4 mm, IMRT Style 18 5
MTAPUIW1832VT ZENTEC, Uni-frame, Disposable Wide Frame, Head Only, 3.2 mm, IMRT Style 18 5
Item Title
Thermoplastics Brochure Thermoplastics Brochure
ZENTEC™ Technical Data Sheet ZENTEC™ Technical Data Sheet
MR Series Brochure MR Series Brochure

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