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FirmFit™ Thermoplastic with SnapFrame™ Type-S™

FirmFit Thermoplastic is the premier thermoplastic for the Type-S family of positioning and immobilization products. The segmented frame, once draped over the patient's face, snaps together into a continuous frame on the baseplate. Drape-style masks require less stretching of the material than continous frame masks, resulting in a more rigid mask.

  • Less stretching is required, resulting in minimal shrinkage after cooling keeping patient comfort in mind
  • FirmFit offers increased rigidty over Posicast thermoplastics
  • Flexibility in the frame allows for the thermoplastic to clear the patient' head when removing or positioning the thermoplastic without compromising thermoplastic for fit once attached
  • Open-face mask allows for region of interest capture for vision/camera systems


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Product Number Description Box Quantity
MTAPUDMP FirmFit Thermoplastic, SnapFrame Type-S, Disposable, Head Only, 2.3 mm 5
MTAPUDMPSG FirmFit Thermoplastic, SnapFrame Type-S, Disposable, Head Only with Open-face, 2.3 mm 5
MTAPSDMP FirmFit Thermoplastic, SnapFrame Type-S, Disposable, Head Neck & Shoulder, 2.3 mm 5
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Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

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