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Silverman Headrests

Silverman Headrests
Silverman Headrests

With a Silverman, no transmission correction is necessary for most high-energy beams. Silverman headrests can be purchased individually or in a set of six. 

They are compatible with Type-S™ Baseplates and Standard and Extended Wing Boards™, and Uni-frame® Baseplates.

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
MTSILVER2 Silverman Headrest, set of six, sizes A-F 1
MTSILVER2A Silverman Headrest, size A 1
MTSILVER2B Silverman Headrest, size B 1
MTSILVER2C Silverman Headrest, size C 1
MTSILVER2D Silverman Headrest, size D 1
MTSILVER2E Silverman Headrest, size E 1
MTSILVER2F Silverman Headrest, size F 1
Item Title
Solutions Guide Solutions Guide
MRSeries Brochure MRSeries Brochure
Head and Neck Immobilization Training Video

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