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CIVCO Radiotherapy offers a complete motion management solution for prostate and pelvic positioning and fixation. 

Our Bellyboards provide maximum treatment versatilty along with customized bowel displacement for patient safety.  In addition, our advanced fiducials allow you to clearly see the prostate whether you are using portal imaging, kV image pairs or CBCT.

Combined with the Universal Couchtop and Protura robotics, CIVCO provides a comprehensive motion mangement solution for prostate treatments.



Fiducial Markers

Provide unique reference points for IGRT. CIVCO's Gold Markers can be used for prostate treatments.



Carbon Fiber Bellyboard

Designed to reduce the irradiated small bowel volume and provide patient comfort. An MRI compatible version is available.

Vac-Lok Cushions

Vac-Lok cushions form a custom mold of a patient's anatomical contours and can easily be reinflated and remolded.



Provides a comfortable positioning aid for the knees and feet.  The HipFix provides immobilization to enhance fiducial targeting.

Universal Couchtop

The Universal Couchtop provides dosimetrially matching couchtops to assure consistency between planning and treatment.

Protura Robotic Patient Positioning

Positioning with the Protura Robotic System allows translational and rotational corrections with sub-millimeter accuracy.