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Head & Neck

CIVCO Radiotherapy offers a comprehensive family of motion management solutions that meet the demands of today's radiotherapy head and neck treatments. 

We offer basic thermoplastic immobilization and positioning cushions, and stay on the cutting-edge developments of SRS/SRT treatments with the trUpoint ARCH.

Combined with the Universal Couchtop and Protura robotics, CIVCO provides a comprehensive motion mangement solution for head and neck treatments.


trUpoint ARCH™ SRS/SRT System

Provides indexable settings with a bite block and thermoplastic mask allowing you to meet the setup demands for SRS and SRT treatments.

Thermoplastic Systems

Type-S™ and Posifix® systems provide secure, repeatable positioning and immobilization during simulation and daily treatment.


AccuForm™ Cushions

A custom head support assists in daily repositioning of the patient and increases patient comfort.  An AccuForm Positioner or Silverman Head support is recommended also.


Universal Couchtop™

Provides dosimetrially matching couchtops to assure consistency between planning and treatment.

Protura™ Robotic Patient Positioning

Positioning with the Protura Robotic System allows translational and rotational corrections with sub-millimeter accuracy.