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With higher doses and fewer treatments, patient positioning for stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) has become even more important and SBRT is quickly expanding due to significant advances in radiation therapy. 

CIVCO Radiotherapy's Body Pro-Lok ONE and Body Pro-Lok System have become an essential immobilization tool at numerous clinics, both for SBRT and other treatment procedures. Vac-Lok cushions form a custom mold of a patient's anatomical contours and fiducial markers provide unique reference points during abdominal IGRT. 

Combined with the Universal Couchtop and Protura robotics, CIVCO provides a comprehensive motion mangement solution for abdominal treatments.


Body Pro-Lok System

The Body Pro-Lok provides two options, a Respiratory Plate or a Respiratory Belt, for respiratory restriction during lung and abdominal treatments.

Fiducial Markers

Fiducial Markers provide unique reference points for IGRT. CIVCO's PointCoil™, FlexiMarc™G/T, FlexiCoil™and FusionCoil™ markers can be utilized during abdominal IGRT.

Vac-Lok Cushions

Vac-Lok cushions form a custom mold of a patient's anatomical contours and can easily be reinflated and remolded.

Universal Couchtop

The Universal Couchtop provides dosimetrially matching couchtops to assure consistency between planning and treatment.

Protura Robotic Patient Positioning

Positioning with the Protura Robotic System allows translational and rotational corrections with sub-millimeter accuracy.