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Modulated Electron Bolus

Modulated Electron Bolus
Modulated Electron Bolus

A custom, optimized bolus design that provides modulation of the electron beam to conform the presctiption isodose to the PTV, sparing the underlying normal tissue.

  • Adaptiiv’s MEB automates modulated bolus thickness optimization and fabrication. The software takes a few minutes to determine optimal shape and 3D printing can be done in a matter of hours, producing a bolus with spatial accuracy on the order of 1mm. In one case, MEB design time was reduced from 30+ hours of manual tuning within the TPS to under 2 minutes with Adaptiiv’s MEB module.
  • 3D printed bolus improves the following: integrity of the bolus (compared to wax), reproducibility of patient setup, and the accuracy of treatment delivery through a better, more consistent fit to the patient surface.
  • Adaptiiv’s patented hotspot correction algorithm allows users to determine the appropriate balance of dose homogeneity versus conformity. No other commercial solution provides this capability.
  • Adaptiiv provides the only regulatory cleared solution allowing users to customize a bolus, seamlessly export the modified bolus structure back into their TPS, and use their clinically commissioned TPS to calculate dose.
  • Adaptiiv’s solution replaces the need to use multiple versions of open source software when transforming a structure within the TPS into a 3D printed accessory. Using multiple versions of open source software requires excessive design time, treatment plans can’t be easily verified in the TPS, and they do not have regulatory clearance.
  • MEB plans created in Adaptiiv’s software demonstrate superior sparing of healthy tissues and distal OARs while significantly reducing hotspots compared to photon IMRT delivery, i.e. VMAT.

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Adaptiiv, formerly 3D Bolus, is ISO 13485 certified, has received a CE mark and is FDA 510k cleared to market 3D Bolus Software in the U.S.

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Modulated Electron Bolus
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