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3D Printed Moulds

3D Printed Moulds
Flexible, patient-specific bolus

For many applications, a rigid 3D printed bolus is effective and well tolerated by the patient. However, some clinical scenarios may benefit from a soft, highly flexible patient specific bolus. Adaptiiv has listened to customer feedback and created innovative new technology that now allows users to easily create moulds that can be 3D printed and filled with flexible material to produce patient-specific bolus.

This feature is now available in the Simple Bolus and Modulated Electron Bolus modules.

  • Allows the use of flexible materials, such as skin-safe silicone.
  • Introduces a regulatory cleared process to create and produce flexible bolus with high accuracy.
  • Preserves the superior patient fit provided by rigid 3D printed bolus compared to traditional methods – but offers the comfort and pliability of a soft material.
  • Allows use of a bolus that copes with minor patient motion or changes between treatment fractions.
  • Provides a solution particularly useful for head and neck or skin cases, or other complex anatomies requiring custom fit bolus.

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Adaptiiv, formerly 3D Bolus, is ISO 13485 certified, has received a CE mark and is FDA 510k cleared to market 3D Bolus Software in the U.S.

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Patient Case Study: 3D Printed Mould - Silicone Bolus Patient Case Study: 3D Printed Mould - Silicone Bolus
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