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World Cancer Day 2021

This World Cancer Day, CIVCO Radiotherapy made a pledge to make an impact in our local communities and around the world. Being mindful of the effect that cancer has on our loved ones, friends, coworkers, ourselves and millions of others, we asked employees to "Drive the Donation", submitting a cancer organization they'd like to support and why it is important to them. We are pleased to announce that ALL organizations nominated will receive a donation in the name of an employee (unless otherwise noted) in conjunction with CIVCO Radiotherapy!



Alena Krishna, Regulatory Manager, Quality Assurance, nominated Black Women's Health Imperative, the first nonprofit organization created by Black women to help protect and advance the health and wellness of Black women and girls.

"Black Women’s Health Imperative was founded in 1983, and is still the nation’s only health organization dedicated solely to improving the overall wellness of African-American women and girls. Through programs, policy and advocacy, and research translation, this organization seeks to help Black women live longer, healthier lives. Its #WeRefuse initiative focuses on breast cancer, and through it the organization provides resources and information to ensure that fewer Black women die from the disease."

Barb Simmelink, Customer Service/Support, nominated Can Do Cancer, a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Des Moines, Ames and surrounding areas. This organization was there for Barb's future daughter-in-law Holly, her son Austin and grandson Leyton in their time of need.

"Holly and Austin discovered the exciting news in December 2019 that they were going to be parents. Sadly, Holly found a breast lump in February 2020 and weeks later, COVID-19 shut everything down. Holly had 4 rounds of chemo while she was pregnant with Leyton and 12 more after his birth. With every step, Can Do Cancer would call, send notes of encouragement, gift cards, and gift baskets with blankets, slippers, water bottles, everything a cancer patient could enjoy. They also offered housekeeping services and food delivery during chemo (Holly and Austin chose to decline this offer due to COVID).

Holly and Austin sometimes felt isolated and alone on this journey due to COVID-19 but Can Do Cancer offered a support system like none other. We would like to see this great support continue for other families dealing with cancer and treatments."

Barb's donation will be made in the name of Holly Joens.

Holly, Baby Leyton and Austin

Race for Hope - Sioux City was nominated by an anonymous request. This 5K and 10K run/walk raises awareness and funds for cancer patients and families in the Sioux City, Iowa area.


Simon Theobald, Senior Regional Director, Northern EMEA, nominated Katharine House Hospice, located in the U.K.

“The Hospice is named after Katharine, an incredibly brave girl who passed away from cancer at just 20 years old. Her father, Neil, and a group of friends set out on a five year journey to raise enough funds to build a place that would care for those facing life-limiting illnesses as well as their friends and family. Each person is cared for according to their needs and is supported to live as well as they can until their last moments. Katharine House Hospice is place where every individual's journey matters.

Katharine House Hospice looked after a good friend of mine who passed away from bowel cancer a few years ago, their care and dedication is astounding."


Ben Schwab, Senior Product Manager, selected Radiating Hope, a non-profit whose focus is to improve cancer care for underserved areas that typically struggle to provide quality (if any) care to patients.

"When I worked in the clinic as a Radiation Therapist, I organized a fairly large equipment donation for Radiating Hope. We provided around 18 pallets of outdated (by U.S. standards) equipment. Following that, the group asked if I’d like to fundraise/help raise awareness about their organization and the lack of quality cancer care in Tanzania. Part of this mission was to train for and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I ended up raising awareness and over $12K that year, which culminated at the summit of Kilimanjaro at over 19,000 ft. I have since shared my experiences with many others in our field. Due to this, at least 6 others have gone on similar trips around the world and raised a tremendous amount of money for a great cause. I would be tremendously grateful for a donation to be made on my behalf."

Ben in Tanzania

Sioux County Relay for Life was nominated by an anonymous request.

"For many years, CIVCO Radiotherapy has supported the Sioux County Relay for Life. Bake sales, dunk tanks, cash drawings, head shavings, pie-in-the-face competitions, these activities have been so much fun while bringing awareness to and raising money for the organization. Being a part of the community on the day of the Relay for Life means so much to me, I love volunteering for this event. I get to meet cancer survivors and hear their stories as well as meet their support system (family). This event represents why I love my job and why I strive every day to work hard for all cancer patients around the world."

Chad De Jong, Technical Quality Supervisor, nominated Home for Hope.

"About 6 weeks ago, my wife’s mammogram came back positive for a possible small tumor. The area in question only measures about 5mm so it is considered very early as far as detectability. In the weeks since, it was biopsied and was determined positive for Cancer. Holly is currently awaiting blood work results before scheduling surgery for removal of the small tumor and some lymph nodes. She will likely have radiation treatments after surgery (details to be finalized). I would like to nominate Home for Hope for the World Cancer Day donation. This is a home away from home that provides hope and lodging for patients and famliy members traveling to the Sioux Falls area for medical care."

Chad's donation will be made in the name of Holly and Chad De Jong.

Susan G. Komen was nominated on behalf of an anonymous request.

"Considering World Cancer Day's Mission, I believe CIVCO's donation should tie into cancer education, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and should also support our shared vision of a world with more equal access to life-saving medical services. Therefore, I’d love to support Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Why? People are encouraged to donate to Susan G. Komen in honor of black history month, also in February. This recommendation is because African-American women have nearly 41% more breast cancer deaths than white women, mostly driven by lack of access to early diagnosis. A donation to Susan G. Komen would help to increase free detection services for underserved groups, making a true difference for women facing breast cancer, while also taking a proactive step toward increasing equality in our society. It is a double win with deep meaning for CIVCO's mission and our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion!"