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Vac-Lok™ Cushion Protective Material Provides Optimal Cleanability

CIVCO’s Nylon Vac-Lok Cushions are made with a protective polyurethane coating, providing optimal cleanability. Degradation will not occur with use of 70% alcohol solution per the recommended cleaning procedures for COVID-19 by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Features & Benefits:

  • Available for many clinical setups including head & neck, breast, pelvic & hip, and full body
  • Creates a rigid and secure support around the patient when a vacuum is drawn through a self-sealing quick-release valve
  • Retains shape and guarantees stability and reproducibility of the patient’s position for up to six weeks once the air is vacuumed out
  • Reusable for ultimate cost-effectiveness
  • Compatible in CT, MR, photon & proton treatment


Additional CIVCO devices have been tested for compatibility with a 70% alcohol solution:

Thermoplastic Masks (Standard White and ZENTEC™)
Precise Bite™ Patient Re-Positioner
Headrests (Posifix®, Timo, Silverman)
Spacers & Wedges
trUpoint ARCH™ SRS Immobilization System
Solstice™ SRS and Solstat™ Immobilization Systems
Baseplates & Overlays (Posifix Baseplates, Variable Axis Baseplate, Type-S™ Overlays)
Shoulder Retractor
Vac-Lok™ Cushions (Gray, Cream, Clear)
New Horizon™ Prone Breastboard (and associated cushions)
C-Qual™ and C-Qual M™ Breastboard (including Monarch™ Overhead Arm Positioner)
MT-350 Breastboard
Wing Boards™ (Extended, Standard, Tapered)
Body Pro-Lok™ ONE Platform, ONE Respiratory Belt, ONEBridge™ Respiratory Plate, and evo Adapters
Body Pro-Lok Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Platforms, Respiratory Belt, Bridges, Respiratory Plate
Body Pro-Lok Rails-Only Solutions
ComfortCare™ Cushion by PearlTec
Combifix™ Baseplate (including KneeFix™ and FeetFix™)
HipFix® Baseplate
Dual Leg Positioner
Bellyboards (Carbon Fiber, MRSeries™, Contoura™)
Universal Couchtop™

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