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Do your changing protocols require improving patient setup due to tighter margins?

CIVCO’s specialty fiducial markers provide clear reference points to pinpoint the tumor’s location with greater accuracy, allowing maximum radiation dose to the tumor and improving patient outcomes.

Largest selection of specially designed fiducials includes:

  • Linear gold coils with solid identifiable end points
  • Linear gold coils specific for MRI and CT fusion
  • Biocompatible artifact free polymer markers
  • Fiducials linked at a specific distance for precise localization

Gold marker features:

  • Specially knurled surface is designed to inhibit migration
  • 99.9% pure gold
  • Non-biological imaging characteristics make markers easier to identify

Multiple needle gauge sizes:

  • 20, 19, 18 and 17 gauge needles


Optimized for MR, CT and SBRT


Optimized for MR, Proton and minimizes artifact


Helical coil provides single, unique point


Linear gold coil with solid identifiable
end points           

FlexiMarc™ G/T

Gold nodes linked at a specific distance for
precise location

Gold Soft Tissue

Specifically knurled surface 99.9% pure gold;
Non-biological imaging


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