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Optimal Breast Support with Improved Dosimetric Factors and Treatment Reproducibility

The Chabner XRT® Radiation Bra provides optimal breast support during simulation, planning and radiation treatment, including proton therapy. Designed by a female radiation oncologist, the bra can also be used for breast support during other radiologic procedures such as CT, MRI and diagnostic X-rays.

Features & Benefits

  • Washable, reusable fitting bras provide a unique solution to properly size the patient
  • Customizable for a wide variety of body types
  • Transparent material allows visibility essential for reproducing patient position
  • Made of lightweight, advanced materials providing enhanced support ideal for positioning the breast
    and ensuring patient comfort without irritation or sensitization.






Clinical Evidence    

This study demonstrates the use of the bra during WBI for patients with large or pendulous breasts improved all the main dosimetric factors evaluated. The treatment reproducibility was excellent and no acute toxicities > G2 were observed.   In this preliminary study, the bra gives a promising reproducibility with a mean translational and rotational displacement of only about 1mm and 1° for all directions.


What Users Are Saying

“The Chabner Bra has been a very useful immobilization device for our breast cancer patients. Our patients remark on it being comfortable and the therapists appreciate the versatility of the product.”

-Felicity Achong B.S.R.T.(R)(T)(ARRT) Riverside Radiation Oncology Newport News, Virginia, USA

“I have personally enjoyed using the Chabner XRT Radiation Bra for patient setups. Easy to use, comfortable for the patients and reproducible daily setup. I loved that the mesh could be tracked with OSMS without a problem.”

-Nicole Ottaviani R.T.T., Lead Radiation Therapist, Aurora Cancer Center-Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

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