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New Solstice™ SRS Clinical Abstract

Brain Linac-Based Radiation Therapy: ‘Test Drive’ of New Immobilization Solution and Surface Guided Radiation Therapy

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“Our prospective analysis shows that Solstice immobilization solution guarantees high stability and reproducibility of the head position during radiation treatment, allowing to assign a CTV-PTV safety margin of 1 mm. We are very enthusiastic and confident about the reliability of this tool which also meets the satisfaction of the patient in terms of comfort. Moreover, using the open-face mask and Surface Guided RT, for conventional RT, radiological imaging, such as CBCT, could be reduced or omitted.”

Fabiana Gregucci, MD
Radiation Oncologist, Miulli General Regional Hospital

Alba Fiorentino, MD
Chief Radiation Oncologist, Miulli General Regional Hospital



Submillimeter Accuracy & Precise Treatment

The Solstice™ SRS Immobilization System’s variable pitch capability provides increased setup options in CT simulation, MR imaging* and corrective positioning flexibility during treatment setup. This unique system provides non-invasive immobilization with submillimeter accuracy for treatment of multiple lesions with a single isocenter.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Utilizes a variety of thermoplastic types including IMRT Reinforced™ and ClearVision™ open-face compatible with Vision RT's AlignRT® camera system
  • Midline thermoplastic mask attachment provides increased rigidity and minimizes shrinkage to enhance patient comfort
  • Highly conformal to the patient when using a customizable cushion and dedicated thermoplastic mask
  • Unique thermoplastic frame provides easy to use, secure and quiet mask attachment
  • Adaptable with Precise Bite™ to aid in effective and repeatable positioning

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