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Improve patient setup during hypofractionation and SRS treatment

Today and every day, the best treatment plans to improve cancer patient outcomes are everyone’s top priority. When possible for select sites, hypofractionation and SRS/SRT treatments are now more than ever being considered to decrease patient visits. Reducing trips to the clinic minimizes exposure to threatening viruses, providing patients and clinicians a safer environment.

Submillimeter Accuracy & Precise Treatment

The Solstice™ SRS Immobilization System’s variable pitch capability provides increased setup options in CT simulation, MR imaging* and corrective positioning flexibility during treatment setup. This unique system provides non-invasive immobilization with submillimeter accuracy for treatment of multiple lesions with a single isocenter.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Utilizes a variety of thermoplastic types including IMRT Reinforced™ and ClearVision™ open-face compatible with Vision RT's AlignRT® camera system
  • Midline thermoplastic mask attachment provides increased rigidity and minimizes shrinkage to enhance patient comfort
  • Highly conformal to the patient when using a customizable cushion and dedicated thermoplastic mask
  • Unique thermoplastic frame provides easy to use, secure and quiet mask attachment
  • Adaptable with Precise Bite™ to aid in effective and repeatable positioning

Optimal Cleanability

Solstice has been tested for for compatiblity of with a 70% alcohol solution. Degradation will not occur with use of 70% alcohol solution per the recommended cleaning procedures for COVID-19 by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).













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What Users Are Saying

"The Solstice system has proven to be reliable, easy to use and well tolerated by our patients. The Solstice and thermoplastic mask system provides stability during the entire treatment course, even with daily stress due to patient set-up. The use of a customizable cushion enhances patient comfort. The option of using a Precise Bite improves confidence in the simulation and reproducibility required during SRT treatment."

- Dr. Alberto Ciarmatori, Medical Physicist, Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord Hospital, Pesaro, Italy
"We are very satisfied with the Solstice product. The match data of CBCT’s made prior and after the treatment indicates high accuracy and stability. The pitch correction functionality gives us extra reassurance in positioning accuracy of the patient especially in treatment of multiple metastases using single isocenter."

- Dr. Chin Loon Ong, Medical Physicist, Department of Radiotherapy Haga Hospital, Den Haag, Zuid Holland


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