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Head and Neck Patient Positioning and Immobilization

Accreditation: ASRT Category A - 1 credit
Length: 1 hour

Positioning and immobilization of the head and neck area can be especially challenging due to the flexibility of this anatomical region.

The head and neck seminar offers a comprehensive overview of positioning and immobilization techniques. The course contains several hands-on demonstrations of innovative techniques and devices for this anatomical area.

After this seminar participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the challenges of head and neck positioning and immobilization
  • Identify the basic localization points and places used for accurate positioning and immobilization
  • Recognize the functions, strengths and limitations of current techniques and devices
  • Recognize the direction of future head and neck positioning and devices and their impact on quality radiation therapy
  • Participate in hand-on demonstrations with several techniques and devices

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