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Congratulations to Julie De Wit on 30 Years!

Congratulations to Julie De Wit on her 30 year anniversary at CIVCO Radiotherapy! We are very appreciative of Julie’s support and leadership over the years. Julie is always willing to help across the company to support our customers and their patients. On the Product Management team, Julie manages our product life cycle on the sustainability team, supporting quality improvement projects, and managing Post Market Surveillance and our Clinical Evaluation Report program.

We asked Julie to reflect on her time at CIVCO Radiotherapy and provide some advice to employees who are new at CIVCO Radiotherapy.

What thoughts come to mind for you when you consider the fact that you have been with CIVCO Radiotherapy for 30 years?

What comes to mind is “Where did that time go?” : )  I mostly think of the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege to work with, get to know, and build relationships with. I also think of all the changes that have occurred during my time at CIVCO RT; building expansions, ownership changes, new products, my position changes (started out in shipping), and how many patients CIVCO RT has helped.

What are you most proud of since joining CIVCO RT?

I’m probably most proud of being able to say that for 30 years, I developed trustworthy relationships with our customers and would go the extra mile to give them top notch customer service and products that best fit their needs. 

What is your favorite memory in your time at CIVCO RT?

Well, where do I start, there are so many I can’t begin to mention them all! I always enjoyed our summertime family picnics in the park where we would eat supper, play games, and socialize. It’s always great to meet everyone’s family and get to know them. 

If you had to choose a favorite CIVCO RT value, what would it be, and why?

My favorite CIVCO RT value is Passion. Ever since I started here at CIVCO RT, I’ve been passionate about my job, our customers (external & internal), and the patients. Passion means you feel strongly about something, so when I have passion, it encompasses all the other values too, passion for purpose, people, providers, partners, principals, and performance. 

Why have you chosen to stay at CIVCO Radiotherapy for 30 years?

I have chosen to stay at CIVCO RT for 30 years for many reasons. CIVCO RT is a wonderful company with great values, and I believe we offer the best products in the market and have the best people to work with every day. It’s so gratifying to know that we’re helping patients daily worldwide.

What do you feel are the most exciting changes or innovations that have happened since you started working at CIVCO RT?

When I started, we only carried a few products, so it has been exciting to see all the changes/innovations over the years. The transition from wood breast boards to carbon fiber breast boards, Uni-frames to Type-S masks to Solstice masks, carbon fiber couch inserts to indexable couchtops to Protura, Vac-loks to SBRT systems, TotalRT, along with many more that I could mention, but the list would be too long. 

Will you share a funny story or two about your time at CIVCO RT?

We once hired a consultant to help improve our presentation skills. Customer service, purchasing, and marketing all had to participate by pairing up with someone that wasn’t in their same department to give an actual sales presentation on an assigned product in front of the whole group. As you know, presenting in front of co-workers can be very nerve racking. My partner and I were assigned Two-Part Redi-Foam. On the big day, we gathered in the basement of the local bank to give our presentations. Everyone was uneasy and really didn’t want to present. The first group was so nervous and stiff, and they stumbled over quite a few of their words. It went ok, but not the best. Next up was my partner and my presentation on Two-Part Redi-Foam. Again, we were both so nervous. I started the presentation by saying, “Our product we are presenting today is Two-FART Redi-Foam”. Wow, did I just say that? Everyone in the room was laughing so hard, even the consultant, that the rest of the day, no one had any problems with their presentations because I loosened up the whole room!

What advice would you share with employees who are new to CIVCO RT?

My advice is to know that the great company you chose to work for makes an impact on someone’s life every day. We take pride in the work we do and when things get hectic, we persevere because we treat every patient as if they were our own friends or family. 

Why did you choose the Make a Wish Foundation for your charitable donation from CIVCO Radiotherapy?

I had a nephew that participated in Make a Wish, and it's an awesome opportunity for those who really need it. I love hearing their stories because they are so meaningful and touching to the recipient!





We asked a few of Julie’s colleagues if they could share a few words from their time working with her at CIVCO RT --

I have enjoyed working with Julie over the past several years in a couple different roles. Specifically, the past two years she has been the PLM representative in the sustainability group. She has done an excellent job providing direction on product life cycle and has also brought a little more “fun” to our group. Congratulations on this milestone anniversary!
– Jerry Van Grouw

One of the things I most appreciate about Julie is how much she genuinely cares for the CIVCO RT team. She shows them how much she cares by engaging with them in conversation, remembering special occasions, asking how they are doing, offering to help, and listening well. 

She has been one of my teachers. I often have a lot of questions and curiosity, and she is always willing to answer my questions, help me understand, and discuss options or improvements. I can be pesky, and she is always open to teaching me!
– Jill Vander Weide

Julie is super knowledgeable, is willing to help wherever needed, and always strives to do the right thing. She is great for employee morale as she talks to everyone and makes everyone feel a part of the team. She is an absolute gem and CIVCO Radiotherapy is truly blessed to have her.
– Kim VanKlompenburg

I would say that Julie works with a purpose and passion in mind. Those that know her know that this is kind of an all-around mentality for her, but it really is a big deal in our market. All through the years, whether working in Sales, PLM, the warehouse, in packing, in thermoplastics (or many other positions), she has always worked with a very determined, purposeful drive. Often pushing those around her to meet their own maximum capacity to ensure that customers get high quality products on time, no matter if the task seems impossible. She does all this while maintaining a winning sense of humor.
– Dan Schram

Thank you, team, for the kind words, and thank you to Julie for providing the walk down memory lane and the passion you bring to work every day! Three decades is a great reason to celebrate you, and your accomplishments at the company!