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Congratulations to Kim Einerwold on 25 Years!

A very big congratulations goes out to Kim Einerwold on her 25th Anniversary with CIVCO! She has had numerous accomplishments since joining CIVCO, and has served our distributors and providers in multiple roles. Kim has built lasting relationships with many of our distributors, employees, and customers, and has a wealth of knowledge about our systems, our history, and our products. She has led many improvement initiatives to enable us to work smarter, and to better service our providers and distributors. People genuinely appreciate Kim's true spirit of service to others. Kim is someone that others feel comfortable going to with questions or concerns, and she is always happy to listen and to help. In everything Kim does, she considers the impact to cancer patients around the world, and talks about this with others, helping all of us keep our true purpose at the forefront of all we do. She also executes on goals, even when they are very difficult. She is highly organized, continually juggling multiple projects and still managing to complete her tasks before the deadlines. In short, Kim embodies our values of purpose, people, passion, performance, and providers. 

Kim was kind enough to share some of her thoughts with us as she looks back on the last 25 years:

What thoughts come to mind for you when you consider the fact that you have been with CIVCO Radiotherapy for 25 years?
No Way! I have been here over half of my life. Time flies when you are having fun!


What are you most proud of since joining CIVCO? 
Helping to Grow the International Business worldwide for 20+ years. Our first distributor was Toyo Medic from Japan and 25 years later they are still our distributor. In the early years, it was my responsibility to learn all aspects of shipping our products internationally as well as the rules and regulations. I worked hard for many years to find reputable distributors to promote and sell our products into their markets. I enjoyed traveling to each of their countries, training them on our products, going into Local Hospitals with them or to their regional shows, and basically providing them with all the necessary tools to be successful selling our products into their markets.  


What is your favorite memory in your time at CIVCO? 
Josh Boersma and I share a birthday and every September we would invite the whole company to celebrate with us.  


If you had to choose a favorite CIVCO value, what would it be, and why?  
People. Not only do I have many friendships within CIVCO, but I have also had the opportunity to travel the world for 20+ years. I have met so many amazing people through my travels, learned about their countries, and created many lasting friendships.   


Why have you chosen to stay at CIVCO for 25 years?   
It was an easy decision when you know the products we sell are making a difference in peoples' lives all over the world. I was fortunate enough to see this first-hand during my travels. Also, this company has always been family first, which I like, and also allows flexibility within the job.

What do you feel are the most exciting changes or innovations that have happened since you started working at CIVCO?  
Going from Acrylic to Carbon Fiber in products and having the ability to index our products to our couch tops to ensure that the device is in the same location for every treatment.  


What advice would you share with employees who are new to CIVCO?  
Be assured that no matter what your job is within CIVCO, everyone here makes a difference in the lives of Cancer patients. 


Why did you choose the cancer charity that you did for us to donate $200 to in your honor?  
I chose Sioux County Relay for Life. I have been helping to raise money for this charity for many years. The money goes towards cancer research and patient care programs, and it can make a difference in the lives of people we know personally.

Kim, thank you so much for all you have done for CIVCO Radiotherapy, our employees, our distributors, our providers, and the patients who benefit from our products. We are truly fortunate to have you on our team!


CIVCO Radiotherapy accepting the Iowa Global Excellence in Exporting Award

Team Building Event, 2015

APAC Distributor Training, Singapore 2015

Distributor Training, Istanbul 2010

Kim with a distributor at Teotihuacan in Mexico City

The Einerwold Family