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Iso-Align™ Mechanical Alignment

Iso-Align™ Mechanical Alignment
Iso-Align Mechanical Alignment

The Iso-Align is a multi-purpose quality assurance device designed to assist in the routine secondary verification of linear accelerators and room lasers. The Iso-Align accommodates a convenient film pack for radiation and light field verification. The Iso-Point Rotational Runout Tool on the Iso-Align allows you to accurately and easily verify the mechanical isocenter of the gantry. In addition, the Iso-Align can be used to verify multiple aspects of linear accelerators and room lasers, including:

• Alignment of all lasers
• Collimator and table/couch rotational angle readout accuracy
• Light field alignment and jaw readout accuracy
• Mechanical isocenter of collimators and treatment tables/couches
• Optical Distance Indicator (ODI) accuracy at various distances
• Port film grid alignment
• Radiation and light field coincidence at various gantry angles
• Radiation isocenter of collimators, gantries, and treatment tables/couches

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