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Carbon Fiber Bellyboard

Carbon Fiber Bellyboard
Carbon Fiber Bellyboard with patient

The Carbon Fiber Bellyboard assists in reducing the irradiated small bowel volume of patients undergoing treatment in the pelvic region.  The contoured opening allows for displacement of the small bowel, as the central support structure assists in compressing the small bowel forward into the opening.

  • Embedded fiducial crosshair can assist as a secondary setup reference
  • Lightweight, rigid and indexable
  • Lower part of board is adapted to support the patient's upper legs for maximum comfort
  • Soft polyethylene padding ensures a comfortable position for the head
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Product Number Description Box Quantity
125012 Carbon Fiber Bellyboard, indexable 1
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Carbon Fiber Bellyboard Sales Sheet Carbon Fiber Bellyboard Sales Sheet
Hip and Pelvic Positioning

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