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Spacers & Wedges

Spacers & Wedges
Spacers and Wedges

Spacers & Wedges are available for use with the Posifix® Patient Positioning System. They can accommodate the use of all Posifix style headrests, including Extended Stop Headrest, Posifix Customizable Head Support and Posifix Individual Head Support. They are available in a variety of heights and angles to provide positioning offset of the patient for unique treatment needs.

Features & Benefits

• 20 mm or 30 mm spacer provides height offset
• 2.5 degree or 5 degree wedge provides angled offset and positioning of chin up or down
• Stackable

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
107101 Posifix wedge, 2.5 DEG 1
107102 Posifix wedge, 5.0 DEG 1
107103 Posifix spacer, 20 MM 1
107104 Posifix spacer, 30 MM 1
107106 Posifix wedge and spacer set (2.5 deg, 5.0 deg, 20mm, 30mm) 4
Item Title
Spacers & Wedges Technical Data Sheet Spacers & Wedges Technical Data Sheet

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