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Solstice™ Immobilization System

Solstice™ Immobilization System
Featuring ClearVision™ Open-face Thermoplastic with Precise Bite™,
Product Number:510(k) pending

CIVCO Radiotherapy brings leading-edge innovation and advancement of non-invasive, head and neck treatment with the Solstice Immobilization System. The system provides unique corrective pitch capability and positioning flexibility.

The system is comprised of a carbon fiber head support, customizable cushion and dedicated thermoplastic mask designed for secure and simple attachment. These components create a highly customizable and comfortable head and neck immobilization system for precise treatment to improve patient outcomes.

  • Variable pitch capability provides increased setup options in CT simulation and corrective positioning flexibility during treatment setup
  • Midline thermoplastic mask attachment provides increased rigidity and minimizes shrinkage to enhance patient comfort
  • Highly conformal to the patient when using a customizable cushion and dedicated thermoplastic mask
  • Utilizes a variety of thermoplastic types including IMRT ReinforcedTM and ClearVisionTM open-face compatible with Vision RT's AlignRT® camera system
  • Adaptable with Precise BiteTM to aid in effective and repeatable positioning
  • Unique thermoplastic frame provides easy to use, secure and quiet mask attachment
  • Type-STM and Posifix® version compatible

510(k) pending

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510(k) pending
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