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Patient positioning and immobilization for treatment of the thorax and breast range from simple positioning devices, mechanical, raised arm systems to prone positioning devices, all designed to improve accuracy, reproducibility and improve patient comfort.

Combined with the Universal Couchtop and Protura robotics, CIVCO Radiotherapy provides a comprehensive motion mangement solution for breast treatments.

New Horizon™ Prone Breastboard

SampleProne positioning improved reproducibility and decreased dose to critical structures when compared to supine positioning.

MT350 Breastboard and Wing Board

SampleThe MT350 Breastboard allows you to comfortably position the patient at an angle with their arms out of the treatment area. A Wing Board can easily be attached.

C-Qual™ Breastboard

SampleThe C-Qual Breastboard combines the latest in IGRT-enabling design with an enhanced emphasis on patient comfort.


Universal Couchtop™

SampleThe Universal Couchtop provides dosimetrially matching couchtops to assure consistency between planning and treatment.

Protura™ Robotic Patient Positioning

SamplePositioning with the Protura Robotic System allows translational and rotational corrections with sub-millimeter accuracy.