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Disease Site Solutions

CIVCO Radiotherapy is a global leader in providing patient positioning and motion management solutions for radiotherapy. 

CIVCO's solutions improve patient outcomes and increase clinical productivity for head & neck, breast, lung, abdomen, prostate and other treatment sites. 

Click on each disease site on the right to learn how CIVCO's comprehensive motion management solutions are connected for every disease site.

Head & Neck Solutions

SampleImmobilization is crucial for head and neck radiotherapy because of the many critical anatomical structures in the area. View our comprehensive solutions for head and neck by clicking here.

Breast Solutions

SampleA comfortable and reproducible solution is required for effective breast radiotherapy treatments. Click here to view our comprehensive breast solutions.

Lung Solutions

SampleRespiratory restriction is a great concern during lung treatment and utlizing our comprehensive SBRT platform provides not only greater patient comfort but also more successful outcomes.

Abdomen Solutions

SampleA comprehensive SBRT motion management solution for treatment of liver, pancreatic, kidney, colorectal and stomach cancer. Click here to learn more about this solution.

Prostate Solutions

SampleProstate and pelvic positioning is difficult due to organ motion and patient shape. Our comprehensive motion management solutions aid in positioning and immobilizing the lower half of the body.