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Treatment Panels

Treatment Panels
A solid treatment panel is available for the Varian Exact® couchtop, featuring Interloc indexing.

A solid and a grid treatment panel are available for the Siemens ZXT or Z4 couchtops, these treatment panels do not have indexing.

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Product Number Description Box Quantity
MTIL301001 Siemens Posterior Grid Panel 1
MTIL301002 Siemens Tangential Panel 1
MTIL301003 Siemens Solid Panel 1
MTIL3103 Varian Exact Solid Treatment Panel (92 x 53 x 2.19cm), Interloc Lok-Bar (53cm) 1
MTZXTZ44069CF Siemens Grid Treatment Panel (79 x 49 x 1.3cm), non-indexable 1
MTZXTZ44069CS Solid Treatment Panel (79 x 49 x 1.3cm), Siemens, non-indexable 1
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