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Modulated Electron Bolus

Modulated Electron Bolus
Modulated Electron Bolus

A custom, optimized bolus design that provides modulation of the electron beam to conform the presctiption isodose to the PTV, sparing the underlying normal tissue.

  • Optimized bolus design allows for tailoring of the dose distribution while maintaining conformal fit to the patient's anatomy
  • Conforms the high dose area to the tumor volume while sparing healthy tissues
  • Software integrates with the Treatment Planning System to allow the import and export of optimized bolus structures via DICOM exchange
  • Algorithms lower the presence of hot spots and provide a homogeneous dose distribution
  • Generates the custom bolus design in under 2 minutes allowing users to optimize their planning process
  • Improved comfort for the patient

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Adaptiiv, formerly 3D Bolus, is ISO 13485 certified, has received a CE mark and is FDA 510k cleared to market 3D Bolus Software in the U.S.

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Modulated Electron Bolus

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